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Painting Restoration

Oil paintings should be varnished about a year after completion. That varnish should be removed and revarnished about every thirty years, depending on the painting's history. After many years, the canvas can become dried out and brittle, especially the edges that wrap around the stretcher. When this happens we usually reline the canvas. That means we adhere new canvas or linen to the old canvas. If the stretcher is bad or warped, we make a new one before stretching it again. If the painting has missing paint, our trained artist will fill it like body work and then repaint missing imagery, dry it and varnish over it.

At Claude Gallery we have been doing painting restoration for 60 years. We give our customers great satisfaction, excellent results and at a very  good price. Call today for a free consultation!

Notice the light areas have a more noticeable difference Half-restored oil painting

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